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6. The movie version

Posted on by Pinhole

hi guys! the movie version is currently being cast. here’s the lineup so far:
to play Norbert: Gene Hackman
to play Jean: Kate Blanchett
to play Ken: Owen Wilson
to play Otto: Orland Bloom
to be the voice of Penguin: Nathan Lane
to be the voice of the author (off camera, for footnotes and assorted comments): Leonard Lopate of WNYC (he likes silly puns, and knows practically everything worthwhile knowing)
casting for my voice is still unknown. Any ideas?
Filming starts in 2011 YOMM (the year of my mind)

We’ll go to India, of course, and see just how much of the story in the book was made up, and how much was true.

See you at the movies!
Bye, p.

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