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4. Dream

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I had another of my strange dreams last night. Remember that one in the book about penguins playing ping-pong in the Antarctic? (It’s on page 2.4 in the book, if you want to look it up.)

Anyway, this time there was a ladder reaching up into the sky. I started up the ladder, and got into the sky very quickly; I knew I was there when everything turned blue. You know, author guy likes blue a lot. Have a look at this thing he did:

The dream again: there was a cow up there in the sky. And then I was a large field with a clump of trees on the far horizon. It was raining, and suddenly a whole lot of white pelicans fell out of the trees to the ground. They were much larger than in real life, probably the size of the trees. Then just as suddenly, the white pelicans flew up into the sky. Perhaps up to the top of the ladder, but I don’t know, because the ladder wasn’t there any more.

Then the dream ended, because Norbert was making breakfast and the noise of the sausages crackling in the frying pan woke me up. Hope I can revisit that dream again. Have you ever had the same dream more than once?

bye. P.

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